Shieldings – Safety Screen with very fast setup.


Afskærmning - læskærm

Shieldings dimensions: 7.20 x 1.80 meter (lxh)
Dimension package: 1.35 x 0.30 x 0.30 meter
Weight: 11 kg

Supplied in solid fire retardant canvas with bag and pegs and guy ropes.

Available yellow / white, red / white or blue / white

Accessories : Stability feet (Set of 3 PCS.)

Available with your logo / pressure.


Item no.
Screen yellow / white with bag and Pegset. 431.051
Display red / white with bag and Pegset. 431.052
Screen blue / white with bag and Pegset. 431.053
Stability feet – Set of 3 PCS. 431.054

Foreclosure Afskærmning ved trafikuheld

afsk.h2 afsk.h4

Afskærmning ved trafikuheld

afsk.h6 afsk.h7 afsk2

Guards comes in handy zip bag across the bag’s length.

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