Chainsaws PE and PP pipes.

Chain saw as mobile chop saw for right-angled cutting of plastic pipes in the field.

Chainsaws PE and PP pipes.
Suitable for pressure pipes up to OD 2000, depending on bar length.

High cutting speed

Good for maximum wall thickness

Very easy and flexible handling.

(A saw mounted on two solid rubber wheels)

Two men operation for safety reasons

(Another man recommended for operation of the safety switch)

Easy replacement of rapid chain tensioning device.

Hardened guide rail with double-sided air duct for cooling and sawdust removal.

Special chain of different lengths of bar / variants

Pipe diameter OD 710 (250 to 750mm.) with bar length 1000 mm

Pipe diameter OD 900 (450 to 950mm.) with bar length 1200 mm

Pipe diameter OD 1200 (700 to 1200mm.) with bar length 1500 mm

Pipe diameter OD 1300 (850 to 1350mm.) with bar length 1700 mm

Pipe diameter OD 1600 (1100 to 1600mm.) with bar length 2000 mm

Pipe diameter OD 1800 (1300 to 1800mm.) with bar length 2250 mm

Pipe diameter OD 2000 (1550 to 2050mm.) with bar length 2500 mm

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