Welding Mirrors


Welding mirrors – Omisa handheld Heating element

Svejsespejl Tefloncoated varmeplade omisa 3190 svejsespejl


Dim.Item No.
120 mm. 30º including  Table stand   (type 3120)512.042
120 mm. including  Table stand     (type 3121)512.043
190 mm. including  Table stand  (type 3190)512.041
280 mm. including  Table stand  (type  3300)512.044

Omisa handheld mirrors are thermostatically controlled, and and preset for PE and PP. Adjustable temperature with screwdriver.

Omisa handheld mirrors supplied including board support , can also be used as wall mount.




Rothenberger hand-held mirror

svejsespejle tefloncoatede varmeplader


Dim.Art. No.
120 mm. 30º 230 Excluding. holder55518
200 mm. 230V Exclusive. holder55316
300 mm. 230V Exclusive. holder55317

Rothenberger handheld mirrors are electronically controlled, and with digital setting and display of temperature.

Mirrors can also be supplied to 110V



WIDOS hand-held mirror

svejsesp_1 WIDOS welding mirror

square square welding mirrors svejsesp_4

svejse5 svejse7


WIDOS hand-held welding mirrors for welding plastics. Adjustable temperature from about. 185º C til the. 230º C.

Dim.Power supplyArt. No..
90 mm. OD – thermostatic230 V 315W511.354
90 mm. OD – electronic230 V 315W511.355
120 mm. OD – thermostatic230 V 500W511.356
120 mm. OD – electronic230 V 500W511.357
200 mm. OD – thermostatic230 V 800W511.358
200 mm. OD – electronic230 V 800W511.359
295 mm. OD – thermostatic230 V 1500W511.360
295 mm. OD – electronic230 V 1500W511.361
150 x 150 mm. – thermostatic230 V 750W511.350
150 x 150 mm. – electronic230 V 750W511.351
250 x 250 mm. – thermostatic230 V 1700W511.352
250 x 250 mm. – electronic230 V 1700W511.353
Holder with clamping bracket for tableHM002
300x59x25 mm. 90° front med as. R 2 mm.230 V 450WX9999-A
500x58x25 mm. 90° front med as. R 2 mm.230 V 650WX9999-B
Storage box in steel for H009 + H0120TK02001
Storage box in steel for H0200TK0200
Storage box in steel for H0150VTK02003



Heat-resistant cloth bag 300×300 mm. – Item no. 526.043

Heat-resistant cloth bag 500×500 mm. – Item no. 526.045



Welding Mirrors for pre-insulated / district heating pipe.

Svejsespejl delbart type Widos opluk6k

Opening Heating element

Fitted with PT100 sensor and power management.

welding mirrors svejspe1


Welding Mirror heating Mirror heating plate heating plates for welding plastics pe pp abs Värmespeglar

Heating element to the casing pipe. The mirror is with a pneumatic opening / closing function.



Welding Mirrors performed by task



Major welding mirrors manufactured by Holm & Holm, performed with several heating zones for accurate control of the temperature.


Two of our “burly smith”, Michael and Kenneth by custom-made heating element.


Heating element-1

Welding Mirror 55 KW. 1,5 x 2,5 m. with 3 heating zones and digital control.


Heating element for manual repair of holes in PE pipes.


capacity Ø 40- OD 160 mm.

Packaged in a metal box with relevant saddle and Holders.

Art. No.. 1040


control Boxing.


Remotes manufactured for new, as well as existing mirrors.

Supplied with digital display of desired, contra really temperature.

Available with connectors for the operation of various mirrors.




Hand welding mirror in accordance with DVS 2208.

On / off button and indicator light in the handle.

FSG 400 T Hot plate 450 X 70 mm 230V 1400 Watt

FSG 500 T Hot plate 550 X 70 mm 230V 1600 Watt

FSG 600 T Hot plate 650 X 70 mm 230V 2000 Watt




Heating element for profiles


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